First-year students start their self-development journey with coaching and training experts

As part of the curriculum, Vesalius College provides the first-year students a self-discovery and self-development seminar.
This year Mona Shair-Wlock and Martine Alonso Marquis, coaching and training experts of Key2advance, organised a full-day session of self-reflection, personality assessments, and group activities.

The outcome of the seminar, for students, is to gain a better understanding of their strengths, developmental needs, and to create a list of action points to enhance their academic journey.

Vesalius College’s mission is not only to educate students, but also provide them with the skills needed to thrive in today’s demanding and dynamic job market. To make this possible, VeCo students need to undertake a compulsory course on Global Ethics, Leadership, and Personal Development. In addition to this, Key2advance will be facilitating courses on self-development and leadership in students’ second and third year of studies.

Please click the picture below to see the slideshow.

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