First MA students’ organisation guest lecture on diplomatic etiquette

The MA students’ organisation organised a roundtable event on the diplomatic etiquette. Senve D. Tehmeh, the Head of Public Affairs of the Liberian Embassy, and fellow classmates of the MA in Diplomacy and Global Governance of the Vesalius College, presented the rudiments of the dress-code to adopt for diplomatic events. His experience and lessons from the field gave the students the opportunity to analyse real life examples of mistakes made during official events. If one key-words needs to be remembered, it is sobriety. A dark suit, a tie, and a white shirt is the uniform of a diplomat.

Then, Dr. Jürgen Dieringer, Adjunct Professor of the department of international affairs at Vesalius college gave some personal examples of situations he encountered. He then presented the way a seating plan should be made giving the main rules. The guest of honour should seat beside the host or the couples should not seat side by side were among the rules to follow.

Among the key takeaways of the evening was that there is a clear codified behaviour to have. There are written rules of course, but the best way to learn will always remain making mistakes. Hopefully, those will not be leading to a persona non grata (non-welcomed diplomat) situation.