FALL Guest-Lecture: ‘Trust: the Glue in Both Business and International Affairs’

Vesalius College is pleased to invite you to the Fall Guest-Lecture on:

‘Trust: the Glue in Both Business and International Affairs’

  • Speaker: Dr. Peter Verhezen (Managing Director of Verhezen & Associates Ltd)
  • Date: 16 November (Fri)
  • Time: 16:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Pleinlaan 5, 1050 Brussels, floor -1, room “Rome”.


Trust – the underpinning principle of reciprocity – is needed to build relationships in business as well as in international relations. And since principle of reciprocity is the foundation of any form of cooperation (be in in politics or business), we need to understand how to avoid the negative consequences of the Prisoner’s Dilemma (Game Theory) where “rational” zero-sum competition leads to suboptimal results. Insuring global cooperation – based on reciprocity – in both business and international politics, will need trust instead of mere coercion and control.


Dr. Peter Verhezen is a Visiting Professor for Corporate Governance, Ethical Leadership, and Business & Risk Management in Asian Emerging Markets at the Melbourne Business School / University of Melbourne (Australia). In addition, he is a Visiting Professor for Business in Emerging Markets, Strategy, Governance & Sustainability at the University of Antwerp & Antwerp Management School (Belgium) since 2013. Peter is also the Managing Director of Verhezen & Associates Ltd, a consultancy firm that specializes in Board Advisory focusing on Sustainability, Integrated Risk Management and Corporate Governance, with a focusing on Asian Emerging Markets. He also collaborates with International Finance Corporation (IFC) – World Bank Group as a Senior Advisor addressing Corporate Governance issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Attendance is free but registration is required.
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