‘Europe’s Return to UN Peacekeeping?’ Dean Koops co-edits new Special Issue

Prof. Joachim A. Koops, Dean of Vesalius College, has co-edited (together with Giulia Tercovich from the University of Warwick / ULB & the Global Governance Institute) the latest Special Issue of International Peacekeeping, the leading international peer-reviewed Journal focusing on peacekeeping and global security issues.

The Special Issue brings together 12 leading scholars and their in-depth case studies of a selected sample of European countries in order to assess the opportunities, challenges and future possibilities of a ‘European return to UN peacekeeping’. The articles consist of both policy papers and theory-guided research in order to connect the analysis of recent and policy-oriented developments to wider and more general theoretical debates on the supply of peacekeeping troops and on the history, track-record and future potentials of European approaches to blue helmet operations.

The issue takes stock of nine key European countries: France (written by Thierry Tardy from the EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris), UK (David Curran from Coventry University and Paul D. Williams from the George Washington University, USA), Germany (Joachim A. Koops, Vesalius College/GGI), Italy (Giulia Tercovich, Warwick University/ULB/GGI), The Netherlands (Niels van Willigen, University of Leiden), Ireland (Raymond Murphy, University of Galway), Denmark (Peter Viggo Jakobsen, Danish Royal Defence College), Sweden (Kristina Zetterlund and Claes Nilsson, FOI) and Norway (John Karlsrud and Kari Osland, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs).

The Introduction Article, co-written by Joachim Koops and Giulia Tercovich can be downloaded for free here.

The entire Special Issue is available here.