EU Lobbying Course hosts guest lecture by Hans Craen, Vice President of Kellen company

On Friday 19th October 2018, Hans Craen (Vice President of Kellen company) visited Vesalius College. He presented a detailed case study on an industry lobbying strategy and its implementation to VeCo students. This dynamic and participative event was moderated by VeCo Lobbying Professor Rachel Barlow.

Along the lecture, he discussed the diversity of approaches to the main EU institutions, the tools and means of communication, as well as, prioritisation of issues in preparation for negotiation. In particular, the guest speaker gave intricate insight into how interested groups need to continuously engage with decision makers, to provide reliable data and maintain professional relationships over several years in an ever-changing socio political landscape.  

Kellen visit VeCo (1) Kellen visit VeCo (2) Kellen visit VeCo (3) Kellen visit VeCo (4)