EPSS Lecture: ‘Consolidating Peace in Africa’

On Monday October 12th, another EPSS lecture took place at Vesalius College.
Ejeviome Eloho Otobo, the speaker of the evening, addressed post conflict consolidation by discussing the role of the Peace Building Commission (PBC). The different instruments of peace keeping such as budget and authority of the PBC were compared with one another in order to understand why peace could be obtained and why not.

Furthermore the challenge of peacekeeping based on the country’s relapse risk, political and economic history was examined. This gave more insight into the difficulty that is found in the very important job of the PBC and other post conflict consolidating organizations.Oct 12 EPSS 2

More info and an elaborate explanation on the topic can be found in his book: Consolidating Peace In Africa: The Role of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission.