EPSS Lecture: ‘The IMF in the World Economy’

As the second lecture of the EPSS lecture series on 23 September, Dr. Jeffrey Franks of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussed ‘The IMF in the World Economy.’ Dr. Franks provided an overview of the creation of the IMF, its initial function alongside the World Bank and WTO (formerly the GATT), and its newfound role in the developing global economy.

After an engaging Q&A session on global banks, politics, and distribution of wealth in different international economies, he highlighted some of the forecasts of the IMF through a series of analyses of Article IV reports on markets worldwide. The lecture provided insight into the negotiation and decision making process of the IMF, multilateral aid and development for the future global environment.

Sep 23 Speaker Jeffrey FranksSpeaker’s profile

Jeffrey Franks is the Director of the IMF Europe Office and Senior Resident Representative to the European Union since March 2015.

Previously, he spent nearly 3 years as mission chief for Pakistan. A 22 year veteran of the Fund, he has held numerous other assignments working mainly on Europe and Latin America, including heading the resident offices in Ukraine and Ecuador, and leading teams on Romania, France, Belgium, and Paraguay. He received his Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard, and has Master’s degrees from Princeton and Oxford universities.