EPSS Lecture Series: ‘ Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Yemen Crisis’

The second lecture from this year’s EPSS lecture series took place on 19 October at Vesalius College.

Mr. Ludovico Carlino, Senior Analyst on Middle East & North Africa at IHS Jane’s Markit, spoke about ‘Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Yemen Crisis.’ Mr. Carlino first described the current conflict engulfing Yemen, and then defined the strategy and major interests of a number of non-state groups operating in the country such as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the Islamic State (IS), al-Harakat al-Janoubi (the Southern Movement), and dozens of tribal and Salafi militias. Mr. Carlino also presented a number of maps and detailed statistics on the war.  

To see pictures from the lecture, please click the slideshow below.

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