Dr. Nelson Dordelly-Rosales joins Vesalius College as Head of Department of International and European Law

Vesalius College is delighted to welcome Dr. Nelson Dordelly-Rosales as Assistant Professor and Head of Department of International and European Law in February 2019.

Dr. Dordelly-Rosales holds an LL.D (Doctor of Law) from the University of Ottawa, Canada as well as LL.M (Master of Law) from the same University. In addition, Dr. Dordelly Rosales holds a Master degree in Education (M.Ed.) from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He also received his J.D (Juris Doctor) Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela as well as his Bachelor Honours in Education from the same Latin American University.

Prior to joining Vesalius College, Dr. Dordelly Rosales was a professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada, teaching different courses including international law, environmental law, human rights, transitional justice and sustainable development before taking up the post of director of the sustainable development and human rights as part of the master law programme at the University of Antwerp.

Dr. Dordelly-Rosales’s research has focused on comparative constitutional law, sustainable development, and international law. He has several publications including “Constitutions, Principles, and Objectives” in the Max Planck Encyclopaedia of Comparative Constitutional Law, Oxford University Press, “Principles in constitutional interpretation: the case of freedom of expression in Venezuela” in Morin, Michel, edit. Responsibility, fraternity, and sustainability in law: in memory of the honorable Charles Doherty Gonthier LexisNexis, and “Constitutional Judicial Review: The Eclectic Approach to Constitutional Interpretation” in Murphy, Cian, edit. Law and Outsiders: Norms, Processes and ‘Othering’ in the 21st Century, Hart Publications.

He is also a renowned expert on issues affecting democracy and the rule of law in Latin America and is a regular contributor to The Hill Times in Ottawa, Canada and appear as a commentator in several TV news networks including CPAC, Canada.