Dean Koops briefs EU Ambassadors on Future of Global Governance

On 1st September 2017, Joachim Koops (Dean of Vesalius College and Professor of International Affairs), was invited by the Head of the Division of Multilateralism and Global Issues of the European Union External Action Service (EEAS) to give a talk to EU Ambassadors and Heads of Delegations on the future of Global Governance.

Chaired by Lotte Knudsen (Managing Director for Global and Multilateral Affairs), Dean Koops spoke alongside Barbara Pesce-Monteiro (Head of the UN Representation Office in Brussels) and focuses in his talk on the EU’s evolving role in promoting multilateralism and sketched out three scenarios in which the Europeans could reshape and strengthen global cooperation and collective solutions to the pressing issues of peace and security, global economic inequality, the rise of populism and the weakening of human rights regimes.

Barbara Pesce-Monteiro provided the UN view and outlined the challenges and potential benefits of stronger EU-UN Cooperation. The presentations were followed by an intensive exchange of views with the EU Heads of Delegations (see attached PDF for a list of their bios). Dean Koops presentation at the EEAS is part of a growing relationship between Vesalius College and the European Union External Action Service’s division dealing with global issues. Previous instances of cooperation included lectures and workshop interventions by the Head of Division Jonas Jonsson at Vesalius College as well as various talks and trainings provided by Professor Koops and VeCo faculty members at EU headquarters during the last years. 

CLICK HERE to read a profile of the EU Ambassadors who participated in the meeting.