CMM232G: VeCo students’ great video production work

This summer VeCo students had a blast while working hard and learning a lot during their summer course – CMM232G: Video Production: Theory & Practice, with Ms. Sarah Markewich!

Watch 2 videos VeCo students has made:

HashtagThe Hashtag Trending – #BREXIT (Pilot)
A weekly show about what is happening on Twitter. Students pick a #hashtag and explain what it means and what people are talking about. In this pilot episode, students talk about #BREXIT.



Trainee TroubleTrainees Meet Trouble – Tales of EU Internships -EP (pilot) 
Cynical and funny Chris meets 1 trainee from each of the 7 EU institutions to find out if those internships are interesting, starting with Ida who does internal market research at the European Parliament.