Student News

VeCo Honours Class, final presentation – TOMORROW!

Come and join us to watch the final presentations of this year’s VeCo Honours Class! Under the supervision of Dr. Willi Scholz, 11 students from Vesalius College were divided into 2 groups. Both groups have been working  throughout the summer, in cooperation with the Global Economic Symposium, to come up with an actionable proposal that addresses some of […]

Individual Career Coaching sessions

Vesalius and Study Abroad students have the great opportunity to meet with Jake Slosser, a career advisor from the consultancy key2advance, for an individual 30-minute career advice session. Session Aim: To help students gain clarity on what field/job they want to enter and tailor their application documents (CV & cover letters) accordingly. For those who have […]

VeCo welcomes students from St. Knuds Gymnasium, Denmark

On September 17, 50 students from St. Knuds Gymnasium, Denmark visited Vesalius College.  They participated in the information session on each major, certificate programmes, as well as the internship programmes. Five current VeCo students also took part in a Q & A session in small groups, helping St. Knuds Gymnasium students get a better picture on what VeCo […]

Tour of Brussels with new students

At the beginning of the Fall semester), a group of 50 new students at Vesalius College went on a 3-hour guided tour of Brussels by coach.  This is geared to give the students an overview of the layout of the city, its historical, architectural and demographic evolution and to provide some notions of transportation, social, […]

New e-Exchange Programme: “Europe on the Edge”

In Fall 2015, Vesalius College will be offering an innovative e-learning programme, “Europe on the Edge”, where students will be in a virtual classroom with 9 other universities from Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Poland. The aim of the programme is to bring together youth from across Europe to discuss and define the kind of […]

CMM232G: VeCo students’ great video production work

This summer VeCo students had a blast while working hard and learning a lot during their summer course – CMM232G: Video Production: Theory & Practice, with Ms. Sarah Markewich! Watch 2 videos VeCo students has made: The Hashtag Trending – #BREXIT (Pilot) A weekly show about what is happening on Twitter. Students pick a #hashtag and explain what […]

VeCo meets #Hashtag – Live TV

Vesalius College and its students will take part in a live discussion programme on TV, #Hashtag. #Hashtag” is a new monthly TV series produced by a world renowned production team, and it will be broadcast live on YouTube, EU TV and UNTV.  100 participants including many VeCo students will be discussing the theme of this month: “Identity […]

Host an international student

Vesalius College is looking for host families who are interested in welcoming our international students into their home! Hosting an international student is much more than providing a room and meal – you will be helping students integrate with Belgian culture, how to become a responsible individual, and you will also have an opportunity to learn […]

FedEx’s Communication Specialist gives a lecture at VeCo

Sonia Lospitao, the Senior Communication Specialist for FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa, was a guest speaker at Vesalius College during the Organizational Communication course being offered this spring semester. Using an effective Ted Talk style approach throughout her lecture followed by a Q&A session, Ms. Lospitao spoke extensively of her rich […]

Capstone Lecture: “NATO’s Role in the Middle East”

On March 30, third-year International Affairs students from Vesalius College organised a lecture on “NATO’s Role in the Middle East”, a component of their Capstone essay. As such, the students were able to secure the following three experts, Nicola De Santis, Head of the Middle East & North Africa Section, NATO, Andrea Ricci, Deputy, Turkey […]