Global Peace

Johan Galtung, World-Renowned Founder of Peace Studies, joins Vesalius College

Vesalius College is pleased to announce that Professor Johan Galtung, world-renowned peace and mediation expert, joins Vesalius College as Distinguished Professor of Peace Studies in Fall 2017. Professor Galtung is widely considered as the founder of ‘peace studies’, having developed key concepts and theories in the field, such as ‘positive vs. negative peace’, ‘structural violence’ […]

Charlotte McDonald-Gibson Presents her New Book ‘Cast Away’ at VeCo

On Monday, 24th April, Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, author of ‘Cast Away: Stories of Survival from Europe’s Refugee Crisis’ has visited VeCo for a presentation and panel discussion about her book. During the two hours of the event, Charlotte explained her motivations to write ‘Cast Away’ and shared her experiences, challenges, and difficulties along the writing process. […]