Special Lecture: ‘Europe in the Populist Age: Reflecting on the Vision and Challenges of Europe’s Periphery’

Vesalius College is pleased to invite you to the inaugural lecture of ‘POL324G: International Approaches to State-Building, Reform and Good Governance’ on: ‘Europe in the Populist Age: Reflecting on the Vision and Challenges of Europe’s Periphery’ Speaker: Dr. Katarina Mathernova, LL.M. Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Neighborhood & Enlargement Negotiations, European Commission […]

Katarína Mathernová (EU) and Jeffrey Franks (IMF) join VeCo’s Teaching Faculty!

Vesalius College is excited to announce the appointment of two outstanding policy-makers of international organisations as new Adjunct Professors in the Departments of Business Studies and International Affairs. Dr. Katarína Mathernová (European Commission) and Dr. Jeffrey Franks (International Monetary Fund) bring their wealth of experience, practical insights, and academic rigour to the College’s undergraduate teaching […]

Prof. Harris speaks at several international conferences

Prof. Geoffrey Harris, Distinguished Teaching Fellow for European Integration and Global Human Rights, participated in several conferences in different countries to present his papers.  September 14th2017: Address to the Senate Presidents’ Forum (US State Legislators) on “Challenges to European Unity”, Prague, Czech Republic September 4-6th 2017:  Is Transatlantic Unity possible without TTIP?               Paper presented to the Annual […]

Dean Koops publishes on UN peacekeeping and EU-NATO Relations

During the last months, Prof. Joachim Koops published the results of a two major research projects on UN peacekeeping as well as on EU-NATO relations and inter-organisational relations in world politics. These publications include the following four peer-reviewed journal articles, one edited volume and two handbooks. Edited Volumes and Handbooks: European Approaches to United Nations Peacekeeping: Towards a Stronger Re-Engagement?, London: Routledge, 2018 […]

Prof. Terzis wins Horizon 2020 Project Funding

2018 is off to an impressive start for Vesalius College!  Communications Professor Georgios Terzis’ proposal for Horizon 2020, RePAST (Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future), has been granted € 2.5 million in funding over the next 3 years.  Horizon 2020 is the EU’s largest research and innovation programme, emphasising excellence in science, industrial leadership, and tackling […]

Dean Koops briefs PSC Ambassadors on the future of Global Governance

On 1st November 2017, Professor Joachim Koops, Dean of Vesalius College, was invited to address the 28 Ambassadors of the Political and Security Committee of the European Union during a lunch-time discussion on the role of the EU’s policy of ‘Effective Multilateralism’ and the future of Global Governance. Organised by the Austrian EU Presidency Team (in […]

VeCo’s Open Day – Fall 2017

Another great Open Day took place on Saturday October 21. Prospective students and families had the opportunity to meet the faculty, current students and staff members to learn more about Vesalius College. The day started with a presentation by Dean Koops introducing Vesalius College including outstanding programmes, faculty members, partnerships with other renowned universities, followed […]

Dr. Jonas Lefevere, Head of the Global Communications Dept, publishes two new studies

Dr. Jonas Lefevere, Head of the Global Communications Department, has recently published two new studies on political communication. Co-authored with Stefaan Walgrave (Univeristy of Antwerp), the paper entitled ‘Long-term associative issue ownership change: a panel study in Belgium’ has just been published in the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties. In this paper, the authors […]

Prof. Dr. Peter McKiernan joins Vesalius College as Distinguished Professor of Business

Vesalius College is pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Peter McKiernan has joined Vesalius College in the Fall Semester as Distinguished Professor of Management in the Department of Business. Prof. Dr. McKiernan is an internationally renowned expert on Management, Strategy and Marketing. He had an extensive career as an academic and practitioner. Currently, he operates […]

Prof. Dr. Munira Aminova presents a paper at the 30th IPMA World Congress

Dr. Munira Aminova has presented a paper at the 30th IPMA World Congress ‘Breakthrough Competences for Managing Change,’ under the auspices of Expo 2017 which took place in Astana, Kazakhstan. Prof. Aminova spoke at the panel session on High-Tech Industries and highlighted the development of e-government countries and its impact on the legislature, policies and […]