Franz Bingen Honours Essay Prize

Vesalius College is pleased to announce the Franz Bingen Honours Essay Prize, effective Fall 2011. The prize is given to one student, each semester, with the best Honours Essay (at least A-) and is for €250. The winner will be decided by a jury composed of Dean, Associate Dean and Heads of Department.  

Andrée Bingen Senior Scholarship

Vesalius College is pleased to announce the Andrée Bingen Senior Scholarship, effective Fall 2011. The scholarship is given to one student, each semester, and is for €900. To be eligible, you must be a 3rd year student with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8. For more information, please contact Ms. Louise Bond at […]

VeCo Professor on Differences between Legal Systems for TV News

The national French-speaking commercial TV-channel RTL called upon lawyer and VeCo professor Bruno De Vuyst to explain the differences between the Belgian and US legal systems with regards to criminal investigations, following the arrest of IMF chairman Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The video (in French) is available here.  

BBC Libya Correspondent is VeCo Communications Alumna

At the start of the unrest in Libya, only very few journalists were present in the country. One of the news channels to have a resident correspondent was the BBC. Since 2004, their resident Tripoli correspondent, responsible for covering the news from Libya, Tunesia and Algeria, is Rana Jawad, a VeCo Communications Studies alumna from […]

VeCo / IES Spring Lecture Series 2011: The EU as a Diplomatic Actor

Vesalius College and the Institute for European Studies (IES) launches this spring a high-level lecture series that brings together senior EU Diplomats and Top European scholars in order to examine the performance of the European Union in International Diplomacy. The Lecture series runs from 15th February to end of May, every tuesday from 6pm to […]

Flemish VTM Interviews American VeCo Students on State of the Union

Sometimes, studying in a foreign country offers unexpected opportunities. For the news coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union on January 25 2011, the biggest commercial TV-station in Belgium, Flemish VTM, asked 5 American Vesalius College students to watch the speech live in their news studio and share their impressions of the speech with […]

VeCo Internship Opportunity in Kenya

The Vesalius Internship Department would like to make Vesalius College students aware of an exceptional opportunity that is available to all current degree-seeking and study abroad students. This summer (2011), Vesalius College is offering an internship position with the Giraffe Project, a humanitarian organization working with schoolchildren in the slums of Nairobi.  For the student […]