Student Services

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned to an Academic Advisor (one of the professors). The Academic Advisor works with the student to personalise his/her course schedule. Academic Advisors also assist students in identifying relevant courses and offer support throughout their academic career at Vesalius College.

English & Math Workspace

Strong English and writing skills are fundamental to academic achievement, as well as professional success. The aim of the English & Math Workspace is to help students develop their ability to efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas in writing, in English. The Workspace also provides tutorial sessions for math and statistics courses. The Workspace directors offer students individual help on topics such as text structure, style, clarity and grammar in a relaxed and friendly environment to develop their writing skills and clarity.

Learning Support

Learning Support at Vesalius College offers limited administrative assistance to all students with medically documented special needs requirements, such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. The assistance is offered in the form of extra time allowed for final exams, if requested. Special Needs Students are given the option of taking their final exams at the same time as the other students in the class, in a separate classroom or with a separate proctor, and are allowed up to 50% extra time to complete their exams. For more information, please contact Ms Louise Bond at

Career Counselling

To assist students with life after college and to prepare them for their internships, Vesalius College offers students in their final year the opportunity to attend career seminars and individual coaching sessions. This free service aims to help graduates gain a competitive advantage in the job market after graduation. This is achieved by helping students determine their career objectives in addition to acquiring the skill sets necessary to achieve their professional goals. The workshops range from CV and cover letter writing to information on networking and how to apply for various internship programmes offered in Brussels. The counselling sessions are led by Mona Shair from She can be contacted at

Psychological Counselling

Moving to a new country, being away from your family, experiencing exam pressure – these are just a few of the major changes that students may go through when they enrol at Vesalius College. Vesalius College offers psychological counselling, free of charge, to students who would like to talk about missing home, exam pressure or any other challenges. Confidentiality is assured.

Students who wish to make use of this service, can contact psychologist Alex Anghelou directly at