Living in Brussels

The liberal arts philosophy of Vesalius College’s academic programme is reflected in the life of its students. The College encourages students to work hard to reach their academic potential, but also to live a full life away from books and classes. Brussels has a tremendous amount to offer those interested in exploring the ‘Capital of Europe’, and students quickly discover the city to be vibrant and cosmopolitan with a friendly charm. Nearly a third of the Brussels population is comprised of foreign nationals, so the city has something to offer for every taste and culture in the areas of music, dance, cuisine, art, associations and much, much more.

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Brussels city is also home to an excellent music scene, both in clubs and at its numerous festivals, where almost any type of music can be found, performed by local musicians up to the biggest touring bands. Those interested in dancing will find many venues to practise their art, as well as classes offering tuition in a variety of dance styles including salsa, the quickstep, tango, swing and all other classic and contemporary styles.

Brussels has many museums and art galleries ranging from classical to modern art. The city houses a national symphony, opera and theatre. In addition, Brussels boasts a rich variety of architecture including Baroque buildings from the 1600s, classic Flemish, art deco and art nouveau buildings, as well as modern European Union buildings.

Brussels’ cuisine reflects its cultural diversity, coming from all over the globe, and is considered to be among the best in Europe. From pastas, to fish, meats, soups and sauces, the cuisine in Brussels will suit any palate. Belgium also produces some of the world’s best chocolate and is known for its well-crafted beers and street markets filled with fresh produce and goods.

Beyond Brussels

Studying in Brussels affords students the unique opportunity for some great (as well as quick and inexpensive) travel and getaways. Belgium’s inter-city trains provide quick access to the coast of Flanders, Medieval Bruges, Antwerp (the ‘Diamond Capital of the World’) and the wooded hills of the Ardennes. For travel beyond Belgium, Brussels is the ideal centre from which to visit the rest of Europe. Paris is a short 90 minutes by fast train and London, Cologne and Amsterdam are just 2 hours away. Most major European cities are less than 2 hours away by plane.

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