• Position :
  • Adjunct professor

  • Department :
  • Foundation Programme & European Business Communication Programme
  • Phone :
  • +32 (0) 496 96 43 28
  • E-mail :
  • Nationality :
  • Belgium and Croatian
  • Languages :
  • English, Croatian, Italian, French, Dutch, German
  • Education :
  • B.Sc. in Shipbuilding (Dipl-Ing.) - University of Rijeka (1982)

    M.Sc. in Technical Sciences - University of Rijeka (1987)

    Ph.D. in Engineering - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2007)

    Ph.D. Thesis title “Development of Scientific Visualization Systems”

  • Teaching :
    • Foundation Mathematics for the FP/EBC program
    • Support to MTH140G: Mathematics for Business and Economics
    • Support to STA101G: Statistics
  • Research Project(s) :
  • Involved in the European RTD founded projects from 1988

  • Selected Publications :
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