• Position :
  • Adjunct Professor

  • Department :
  • International Affairs
  • Nationality :
  • United Kingdom
  • Languages :
  • English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
  • Education :
  • PhD, London School of Economics, 2009


    MSc, University of London, 2005


    BSc, London School of Economics, 1998

  • Teaching :
  • Adjunct Professor, Vesalius College, 2019


    Assistant Professor, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, 2016-2018


    Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, 2013-2016


    Lecturer, University of Kurdistan-Hewler, 2012-2013


    Graduate Teaching Assistant, London School of Economics, 2006-2007

  • Research area(s) :
    • Rising/Emerging Powers
    • International Relations
    • Middle East Politics
    • Conflict and Peace Studies
  • Research Project(s) :
  • Rising Powers and Conflict in the Middle East

  • Selected Publications :
  • Books

    • Rising Powers and the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1947 (Lexington, 2018)
    • [with Ted Goertzel] Presidential Leadership in the Americas since Independence (Lexington, 2016)


    Peer-reviewed journal articles

    • Building Ties across the Green Line: The Palestinian 15 March youth movement in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory in 2011. Third World Quarterly, 38(1), 2016.
    • Assessing Palestinian economic exchange across the Green Line. Middle East Critique, 25(1), 2016.
    • Explaining Beijing’s shift from active to passive engagement in relation to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Sociology of Islam, 4, 2016.
    • An end to poverty in Brazil? An assessment of the Lula and Rousseff governments’ poverty reduction and elimination strategies. Journal of Policy Practice, 12(3), 2013.
    • [with Imad Sayarafi and Shatha Abu Srour] Inclusion or Transformation? An early assessment of an empowerment project for disabled people in occupied Palestine. Disability & Society, 28(6), 2013.
    • The use and limitations of conflict analysis: The case of the UNDP in the occupied Palestinian territory. Conflict, Security and Development, 12(4), 2012.
    • Hamas and its Vision of Development. Third World Quarterly, 33(3), 2012.


    Book chapters

    • How do Palestinians perceive China’s rise? In China’s Presence in the Middle East: The Implications of the One Belt, One Road Initiative. Anoushiravan Ehteshami and Niv Horesh, eds. Routledge, 2018.
    • Pulling their Punches: BRIC foreign policies in the Middle East. In Great Powers and Geopolitics: International Affairs in a Re-Balancing World. Aharon Klieman, ed. Springer, 2015.
    • The South American right after ‘the end of history.’ In Right-wing Politics in the New Latin America: Reaction and Revolt. Francisco Dominguez, Geraldine Lievesley, Steve Ludlam, eds. Zed Books, 2011.
    • Brazil: third ways in the Third World. In Reclaiming Latin America: Experiments in Radical Social Democracy. Steve Ludlam and Geraldine Lievesley, eds. Zed Books, 2009.
  • Honours & Awards :
  • LSE Middle East Centre’s Academic Collaboration with Arab Universities Programme Grant, 2017-19.


    American Political Science Association Middle East and North Africa Collaborative Alumni Grant, 2014-15.


    American Political Science Association Middle East and North Africa Fellowship Alumni Grant, 2014-15.


    American Political Science Association Middle East and North Africa Fellow, 2013-14.


    LSE Research Studentship, 2006-08.


    Economics of Latin America Studentship (LSE), 2006-07.


    London University Convocation Trust Award, 2005.


    Institute for the Study of the Americas Bursary, 2005.