BA in International & European Law – New in Fall 2015!

For those in legal circles, it’s no secret: the legal profession is changing. The role of the traditional lawyer is evolving, due in large part, to the internet. Online legal forms and faster, easier research means many firms are outsourcing legal tasks to less costly locations around the globe.

Recognising these changes, Vesalius College is leading the legal profession into a new era with its Bachelor of Arts in European and International Law, the first of its kind in Belgium. Stephanie Gardner, Professor of Business Law and one of the architects of the new Law programme, explains, “This program ensures exciting career opportunities for a new generation of legal specialists. Students will gain strong critical legal thinking and writing skills plus practical experience.”

Third-year interns and graduates will be especially attractive to multinationals, lobbyists, public service bodies, think tanks, NGOs and post-graduate programmes.  “This degree is unique in Belgium. Vesalius has worked very closely with the NVAO (the Dutch-Flemish accreditation body) to get it right,” she reflects, “we are pioneers.”Law_How to

The programme offers a three pillar approach to legal studies whereby students will be exposed to International, European and Business law.  Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2015.

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