Recruitment travel schedule

Date                    Event
Apr 9 (Mon) Int’l School of Amsterdam, Int’l School Hilversum, Amsterdam International Community School
Apr 17 (Tue) UWC Maastricht University Fair
Apr 25 (Wed) Antwerp Int’l School Fair
May 2 (Wed) Int’l School of Brussels Education fair
May 15 (Tue) ISAK
May 16 (Wed) Tsukuba International School
May 16 (Wed) Meikei High School
May 16 (Wed) Info session at International School of the Sacred Heart
May 17 (Thu) St. Mary’s International School
May 17 (Thu) K. International School
May 18 (Fri) Yokohama International School
May 18 (Fri) Hiroo Gakuen
May 19 (Sat) EHEF Tokyo, Meiji University
May 20 (Sun) EHEF Osaka, Osaka International House
May 21 (Mon) Fukuoka International School
May 21 (Mon) Linden Hall School

























For more information on these events, please contact Miwa Kitamura, Head of External Relations, at