Transfer Students

Students may be considered for transfer to Vesalius College if they have completed at least one semester and are in good academic standing at an accredited college or university and have not been dismissed from that institution. Transfer applicants must submit the same documents as those applying for general admission. Transfer applicants with at least one full-time semester of college credit and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 will be exempt from submitting SAT or ACT scores.  

Vesalius College may award transfer credits for courses taken at the university level in other accredited institutions. The minimum requirements for grades depend upon the school where the credit was earned and the student’s intended major within Vesalius College. All transfer credits will be awarded at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Once the transfer credits have been assessed, the file cannot be re-opened. 

To apply for transfer credits, candidates must submit: 

  • The online transfer credit application form 
  • Indicate on the transfer credit application form the equivalent Vesalius College course which the transferred course should replace.  
  • Official transcript(s) of all courses taken at the previous university.  
  • Detailed descriptions of the courses taken, including the number of hours per course and copies of course descriptions from the college’s catalogue.  
  • The full course syllabus/course outline of the course taken at another university (A syllabus is a short document, to be distributed at the first class meeting, containing the following information: the aims and content of the course, the textbook(s) and other reading materials, the progress of the course week per week, the way in which it will be assessed, the dates at which written work is due and when the mid-term and final examinations will be held, and contact information and office hours for the instructor).  

Conditions for Transfer  

Transfer credits can only be granted if:  

  • the course credits obtained at another university were taken in courses that are similar in terms of content, scope and academic rigour compared to Vesalius College courses (this will be determined by members of Vesalius College’s academic staff upon the request of the Admission Office)  
  • the overall course grade is not lower than an average ‘C’ grade  
  • the course carrying the course credits to be transferred is in line with the curriculum structure of Vesalius College (i.e., fits within the categories of and available credits of the curriculum components of ‘core courses’, ‘major requirements’, ‘major electives’ or ‘free electives’).  

Credit Transfer Fee  

40 Euros (€) per ECTS credit transferred, payable with the first semester tuition fee invoice.