Regulations for VeCo Students


Students can apply for the Internship Programme only if:

  • they are in the second semester of their second year or third year of studies
  • they have a minimum GPA of 2.7
  • they have attended the Internships & Careers workshop organized by the coaching and training consultancy Key2advance.


VeCo students are allowed to complete only one internship during their Bachelor programme, they have to work a minimum of 150 hours and they will earn 6 ECTS. Please note that double internships are not available for VeCo students.

Students must check the internship catalogue for the semester during which they want to undertake the internship and choose up to three internship offers. The internship application must be submitted on time (please refer to the deadlines published HERE) by completing the online application form (HERE). Please note that late applications will not be considered.
Before completing this online form, please make sure that you need to have the following information and files and ready:


  • Skype ID
  • A resume
  • Three cover letters (each tailored to a desired position/job description)
  • A recommendation letter from a University Professor
  • A signed copy of the Internship Regulations and Code of Conduct (Find it here)
  • A certificate of no criminal conviction (if required and indicated in the internship description)
  • *Please note: any documents (CV, cover letter, etc.) should be sent in the following format: Last Name_FirstName_Title of document. Ex.: Sanders_Peter_CoverLetterUNESCO
  • The resume and cover letters must each be 1-page long.
  • You can find the internship syllabus on HERE

Students must be aware that due to the highly-competitive nature of the internship programme, there is no guarantee that they will be selected for the internships for which they have applied.  If selected for an interview, students must carefully prepare themselves for the interview.

Once students have started an internship, they may not withdraw from it except under extraordinary circumstances, and then only with the permission of the Internship Officer and the Internship Advisor.

Students are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner during the entirety of the application and selection process, as well as during the course of the semester-long internship.

During the application and selection process

  • Students must reply to emails sent by the Internship Officer.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to directly contact the internship partners. All communication between the candidates and the internship partners must go through the Internship Officer.
  • Students must be on time for interviews.
  •  If an internship partner offers a candidate an internship, the latter must accept or decline the offer in writing by sending an email to the Internship Officer within 24 hours.

During the internship

  • Dress code: Maintain a neat appearance and dress appropriately.
  • Follow through on commitments.
  • Do not conduct personal business during work hours.
  • Be on time for work.
  • Respect deadlines.
  • Turn in assignments on time.
  • Be supportive and proactive.
  • Be polite and cooperative.
  • Seek to further your professional development by improving skills and acquiring new knowledge. Students should not be afraid to ask for additional work, or try to come up with some projects on their own.
  • Half way through their internship, students must arrange a meeting with their internship advisor.

Occasionally, students may encounter some problems or difficulties during their internship. We encourage our students to tackle the problem from the beginning and not leave it until the end of the internship. The Internship Officer and the Internship Advisors can provide students with guidance, but students should first try to solve the problem on their own.

After the internship

Students must submit their log of hours worked to their internship advisor which must be signed by their internship supervisor and a report from 2000 to 2500 words about their internship experience.