Internships outside the VIP

Credited Internships

If students identify an internship in or around Brussels by themselves and wish to earn credits for it, they must send a detailed description of the internship tasks and contact details of their internship supervisor to the Internship & Careers Officer. Once the internship advisors have approved the content of the internship, students will be allowed to add the internship to their course schedule.

Non-Credited Internships

While only one internship may be taken for credit during a student’s academic career at Vesalius, the College encourages all students to undertake internships on their own. Vesalius students who want to undertake an internship abroad without earning academic credits can contact the Internship & Careers Officer for a university enrolment certificate or a ‘convention de stage’ (if needed). The External Relations Department will provide the student with an internship agreement signed by the internship coordinator attesting that the student is enrolled in one of Vesalius College’s bachelor programmes. Students who take a non-credited internship abroad are not insured via Vesalius College. The internship will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Internships Abroad for Vesalius Students

Vesalius students may request permission to undertake an internship as part of their Study Abroad programme. As with any other course taken abroad, an internship abroad must be preapproved by the student’s Vesalius College Academic Advisor as well as by the External Relations Department. The internship abroad must follow the general requirements outlined in the Vesalius College Internship Programme Catalogue, especially with respect to number of hours worked and number of credits earned, and must be supervised and evaluated by an academic supervisor at the host university.