Information for Internship Partners

The Vesalius Internship Programme (VIP) provides students with a supervised work experience that enriches their academic experience through on-the-job application of skills and theories learnt in the classroom. In exchange, internship partners receive the assistance of enthusiastic young workers with fresh ideas and energy.

At Vesalius College, we have a diverse student body – students come from over 50 countries around the globe, many of them are multi-lingual and open-minded. Thanks to their background and education they are comfortable working in an international environment and accustomed to adjusting their work style accordingly. Our students have solid foundations in 4 areas of study: Communications, Business, International Affairs and International & European Law. Only qualified students in their second and third year are allowed to join the VIP.

Since the programme started, we have been working on expanding and improving our relationships with existing and potential internship partners in and around Brussels in order to establish collaborations with them and offer our students top-quality internship opportunities.

For the list of current internship offers, click here.

If you would like to host one of our students for an internship, please visit our section on  ‘How to participate’ or contact the Internships & Careers Officer at