Extracurricular activities

Are you interested in learning more about Belgian and European culture? If yes, you can join our cultural, social and creative activities to explore Belgian and European culture, history and food, and socialize with home and international students.

The schedule for the 2019 edition will be released in May 2019.
Activities will include:

– Company visits
– Discovery of the Belgian chocolate and brewery industries
– City tours of Brussels, Gent and Brugge
– Visit to the EU Institutions
– Visit to the House of European History
– Team-Building event and final dinner

If you have attended all the events (one absence is justified), you can receive a Certificate of Participation in our non-credited European Culture Programme.

The cost of the programme is 300 euros and includes participation to all the activities, guided tours and extra material. The participation fee does not cover for transportation costs. If you would like more information or to reserve a place in the programme, please contact Vesalius.visiting@vub.be