Study Abroad During the Summer Term

Students may elect to take one or more courses at a partner or non-partner university during the summer term.

Students may not take capstone courses over the summer term as these must be taken at Vesalius College.

As with all other study abroad terms, students must submit the syllabi for all courses they wish to follow to their Academic Advisor for preapproval.

In addition, only for courses taken at a partner university can both credits AND grades be transferred back to the student’s Vesalius transcript. If taken at a non-partner university, only for courses in which the student earns a grade of ‘C’ or above can credits be transferred back to the Vesalius College transcript and no grades will be transferred.

It should be noted that exchange agreements with partner institutions do not come into play over the summer term. As such, students are expected to pay tuition, fees and other charges to the host university only.