Academic Information

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  • The courses offered for the fall and spring semesters will be available on our website during the  preceding semester.
  • Course schedules will be made available to you or your Study Abroad Coordinator by 1 April for the following fall semester courses and by 1 November for the following spring semester courses.
  • When you are selecting your courses, please keep in mind that, although they may not be identical, spring courses offered tend to resemble each other from year to year, as do fall courses. As such, even if the courses offered for the semester of your choice are not yet posted on the website, you can look at the schedule for the corresponding term for the preceding academic year and have a good idea of what will be offered.

Pre-Registration for Language Courses:

  • If you wish to take any French or Dutch course other than those at the elementary level (i.e., requiring no prior knowledge of the language – French-LFR 101; Dutch-LDU 101), you will be required to take a language placement test (oral and written) on the Thursday of orientation week. This will ensure that you are registered for the language class that truly corresponds with your language level and will prevent you from being placed in a class that is too advanced or not advanced enough.
  • Please note that, due to differences between European and American learning outcome expectations for foreign language instruction, the level (course number) at which you are placed in the Vesalius College language programme may not correspond with the course level achieved at your home university; it may be lower. You should inform your home university advisor of this potential discrepancy and should request that your home university grant you language credit, even if the language ‘course number’ you take at Vesalius is lower than what you would take at your home university.
  • You should list your language course choice in the same way that you list other courses. If you list any language course other than the basic level course, however, Vesalius will not automatically pre-register you for that course until you have taken the placement test and have been placed in the appropriate course level based upon test results.
  • Please note that the French Literature course offered by Vesalius College and the advanced course offered by the VUB are taught entirely in French. You must place into these classes by taking the placement test.

Applying for the Internship Course:

  • The Internship Course, INT 381, can be added to your online course pre-registration.  Registering for the internship does not guarantee an internship position, however.
  • Therefore, your pre-registration should consist of a full course load (4-5 courses) of academic courses plus at least three fall-back options, all of which have been pre-approved by your home university for credit/grade transfer.
  • If you wish to apply for the internship program, you must follow the application guidelines described on the Vesalius Internship Program page.
  • Once you complete the application process through the External Relations Department and have been selected for an internship, you will be asked to sign an internship contract, at which time you can add the internship course by filling out a Drop/Add Form, which must be signed but your Vesalius College Academic Advisor, the Study Abroad Director.  At this time, you may need to drop one or two of your previously selected academic courses in order to be able to add your internship course.
  • Fall and Spring internship applicants will generally find out their internship placements within the first two weeks of the academic term.  Summer internship applicants will generally find out their placements within the two weeks preceding the beginning of the summer term.

POL courses on the EU (300-level):

  • In order to be eligible to register for 300-level courses on the EU, visiting students must provide proof that they have already taken an introductory course on the EU at their home university.