Incoming Students


BrusselsAs the centre of the European Community, Brussels is the ideal place for students of varying interests and major areas of study to enrich their undergraduate experience. Located in the heart of Brussels, Vesalius College allows students to get the most out of the city while studying.

Over 300 international students of over 50 nationalities attend Vesalius College every semester, providing a truly cosmopolitan and culturally enriching environment. With class instruction in English, associated with a Dutch-language university and located in a French/Dutch bilingual city, Vesalius College offers something for everyone.

Classes are small and interactive, with no more than 25–35 students per class (sometimes as low as 5 or 6), allowing for personalised attention from professors. If one of your greatest attractions to the heart of Europe is to complement your academics with an internship in your field of study, Vesalius College provides you with that opportunity. The Vesalius Internship Programme (VIP) offers semester-long, unpaid, graded internships with such distinguished partners as NATO, the European Parliament, Citibank, MasterCard and many more!

Vesalius College also offers a unique programme that provides insight into the changing nature and fundamental challenges of contemporary security issues from a distinct Brussels perspective. The European Peace and Security Studies Programme (EPSS) features four interrelated courses offered by Vesalius College and its partners, including the Royal Military Academy and the Institute of European Studies. The courses, which are all offered in English during the fall semester, can be taken separately, along with other courses from across the curriculum. If all four EPSS courses are taken within the fall term, however, the student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the term. The programme also includes a lecture series, which sees prominent academic and practitioners of the field of peace and security give lectures on a particular topic and then engage with students and other experts.

Study abroad students can also benefit from specialty seminars and workshops that feature some of the key decision-makers and opinion leaders in the European Union and that are held at the College. Please see the following link for more information.

As a permanent student of Vesalius College, you will have access to all of the facilities at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, including libraries, computer labs, cafeterias and sports facilities.

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