Preparatory Programme for Masters’ Degree

This programme is for the students that already held a university degree and have conditional acceptance into a masters’ programme, but lack the general academic requirements. This programme provides the best possible academic and practical preparation for a subsequent masters’ programme or an international working environment.

This bridge programme further supports second language users of English, including Chinese students, to ensure their advancement into a university graduate programme, such as at Vesalius College, the VUB (we have worked together for several years), and other Belgian universities.

This programme that provides a framework of select courses that consists of research methodological and academic writing courses, as well as, academic foundation courses to assist in building a knowledge framework for your future masters’ programme. For instance, a student may hold a diploma in International Affairs but does not have enough working knowledge of the European institutions.

To ensure the best possible academic performance, students will encounter small classes, dedicated professors, and a career advice services. Further, students will be assigned an academic advisor who will closely monitor their learning process and provide support in academic and administrative matters.