Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies Summer School

Welcome to the 2018 Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies Summer School.

Europe and the wider world faces complex, multifaceted and fundamental security challenges at an ever expansive scale. Whether it is ‘new threats’ such as cybersecurity, the impact of environmental degradation on security and livelihoods, the societal impacts of the impending ‘robotics and artificial intelligence revolution’ or the resurgence of ‘classical threats’, such as nuclear proliferation, arms races, regional conflicts, information warfare, hybrid warfare and the challenges of peacekeeping, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the next generation of students and analysts must be literate in the analytical tools and policy-oriented solutions to a wide range of security problems.

To this end, Vesalius College (the US-style liberal arts College and Global Affairs School affiliated with the Free University of Brussels), the Belgian Royal Military Academy and a network of senior scholars and policy-makers from international organizations (such at NATO, the European Union and United Nations) have teamed up to deliver a unique 10-days intensive summer school in the heart of Europe. This summer school brings together the theoretical and policy-oriented perspectives from peace studies, security studies and strategic studies. Students will learn first-hand from some of the leading scholars and senior practitioners about major security challenges and how to promote comprehensive policy solutions.

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The application deadline is June 29 (Friday).
For a late application after that date or any questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

*A non-refundable application fee of 70€ is to be transferred to the college’s account upon application.