Requirements & How to apply

Entry requirements

The entry requirements of the Foundation Programme are directly related to the requirements of Vesalius College degree programmes listed below:

  • 3YP BA level acceptable tests and minimum scores
    English proficiency entrance requirements: non-native speakers of English must provide
    Proof of proficiency in English:
      – TOEFL IBT: 90/120
      – IELTS Academic Module: 6.5/9.0
  • BA Foundation Programme Entry Requirements
    Students must obtain over sufficient competences that the BA Preparatory Programme enables them to complete a regular university programme successfully:  – TOEFL IBT: 66/120
      – IELTS Academic Module: 5.0/9.0

Furthermore, students must pass an interview to test their general oral skills and their working attitude (interview guidelines will be provided).

Exit requirements / Entry Requirements to the BA Programs

Students must meet the following requirements:

    • Pass each course of the curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA
    • Meet all regular entry requirements
    • TOEFL / IELTS is waived after two semesters.


Tuition and Fees: 6.500€ for Fall 2021 and 6.500€ for Spring 2022. For more detailed information on the tuition fees and estimated living costs, please click here. To pay tuition and fees, please click here.

How to Apply

Students first need to apply for one of our BA programmes. It is the Admissions Office who decides whether students shall start with the Foundation Programme or not. If students would prefer to start with the Foundation Programme before they start BA programme, please mention that to the Admission Office when you apply.

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