Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme at Vesalius College is a preparatory programme for students to obtain in-depth academic skills. Its aim is to educate and instruct a broad range of competencies, such as study skills, academic preparation, and familiarization, with university education. Moreover, as a pre-bachelor programme it aims to familiarize future Bachelor’s students with their degree programme. The programme offers a smooth transition to Vesalius College full degree programmes. The programme aims to teach all necessary skills that foster successful completion of the Bachelor’s programmes.

To ensure the best possible academic performance, students will encounter small classes, dedicated professors, and a career advice services. Further, students will be assigned an academic advisor who will closely monitor their learning process and provide support in academic and administrative matters.

Usually, the Foundation Programme runs for two semesters. However, if students already meet the regular entry requirements of the bachelor’s programmes after only one semester of successful completion, they are permitted to transfer to the full programme.