Programme Structure & Courses

The EPSS Programme consists of four interrelated courses worth 6 ECTS credits (3 US credits) each. We recommend students to take this programme in the Fall semester, when its full curriculum of four courses is taught. Students who want to study the programme at a slower pace, could consider starting the programme in the Spring semester, when only part of the curriculum is offered, meaning that they could then finish the remaining courses in the following Fall semester. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will receive a Certificate in European Peace & Security Studies.

For every new semester, we select the 4 courses that will constitute this programme, from the range of courses below. Indicated with *** are the courses that will be taught in this programme in the Fall 2020 semester:

POL 221G The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy
POL222G Understanding Contemporary Conflicts in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

POL 225G Global Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and (De) Radicalisation***
POL227G Security, Migration & Cultural Diversity in Europe***
POL321G NATO and Transatlantic Approaches to Security***
POL322G Military Approaches to Security***
POL 324G International Approaches to State-Building, Reform and Good Governance

All our courses are taught in English.