International & European Law

Vesalius College is closely monitoring the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community. Please note that since the start of the lockdown in March, Vesalius College lectures have taken place online for all programmes.
In the light of the current situation, we decided to move our Bachelor programmes online for the entire first semester of the upcoming 2020-21 academic year, until January 2021. For our Master programmes, a decision is still pending. We have taken this measure to accommodate prospective BA students who may be unable to travel to Belgium or get a travel visa in time. If allowed, VeCo will complement this measure by a higher number of events, such as guest lectures, that could then be attended either physically or online, to ensure students based in Belgium are still offered opportunities to meet each other, and to benefit from the College’s unique location in Brussels.
We realise that teaching is one of Vesalius’s great strengths and that this decision may be inconvenient to many of you, but we must recognise that Covid-19 presents a very serious threat to the health and well-being of all.
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The legal field is changing.  Understanding how to adapt to new shifts in a globalized world is crucial. When it comes to legal education, it is particularly important that new trends and innovations are reflected in the curriculum to ensure that students are equipped with the skills and intellectual capacity necessary to deal with the challenges ahead.

Our Bachelor of Arts in International and European Law has been crafted to respond to those demands by producing more globalized non-traditional legal professionals. International law is one of mankind’s greatest achievements and this body of rules and principles is paramount in a worldwide legal system. International law allows trade to thrive, ensures respect for basic liberties, upholds peace among nations, protects our planet and much more.

This system of law governs people’s daily lives everywhere across the planet and is growing every day. Under its umbrella, European law has flourished. Nations across this continent have realized that in order to achieve peace and prosperity, it is fundamental to unite efforts under a comprehensive system of norms, institutions and principles.

European law represents Europe’s dream for a better tomorrow. Our Department of International and European Law is dedicated to ensuring that our students embrace these specialized fields of public law to guarantee that this dream of a better, fairer and more respectful world really lives on. This is the reason why our approach to legal education reflects our commitment to international and European law as ground-breaking fields, simultaneously demanding and full of new possibilities.

It was high time a law department embraced these two powerful fields of law and, combined with a liberal arts component, our students receive the best possible legal education in this era of changes. The opportunity to join this academic journey is open to you now. Be part of something unique, be part of Vesalius College’s Department of International and European Law.