Degree Structure

*** This programme will be discontinued as of Fall 2021 ***

To complete the bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations at Vesalius College, a minimum of 180 ECTS is required. Most students complete the intense and rigorous study programme within 3 years of admission to the college. Students are also encouraged to complete a Study Abroad semester at one of our partner universities abroad and to take an internship via our prestigious internship programme.

The 180-ECTS degree programme is divided into several different requirements.

Students usually start with the core courses, a set of courses that develop the relevant skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the College’s distinctive programme of undergraduate education.

In addition to the core curriculum, students take major requirement courses that allow students to get a solid grasp of key theories and methods specific to Communication and Public Relations. The major elective and free elective courses allow students to personalize their education experience, as students can choose a combination of major electives and free electives based on their interests and personal development. Students may also choose to complete a minor, regardless of their major. However, in order to obtain the ‘Minor’ classification, students must follow all four courses within that Minor.

The BA in Communication and Public Relations culminates in two major components. First, the Capstone course is offered during the final semester of a student’s major and provides an invaluable opportunity to make full use of all of the key learning objectives that the faculty expect the students to have acquired throughout the major. Students have an opportunity to work for an external partner, such as Education International (, under the direction of an advisor. Second, students also complete a Bachelor Thesis in their final year. In the first part of the thesis process, students develop an extensive thesis proposal, which is then implemented in the second part of the thesis process.