Academic Philosophy

The College’s teaching methods are characterised by small, interactive classes, flexibility in course selection and continuous assessment. As a small college with a student body of approximately 300 and a low student-to-professor ratio, the faculty is accessible and able to take a personal interest in the success of students to help them achieve their potential. Close working relationships between the faculty and students are the cornerstone of the Vesalius education philosophy.

Liberal Arts – Global Minds

The Vesalius curriculum places strong emphasis on providing students with a broad education, reaching beyond artificial boundaries between disciplines. Students are encouraged to complement their major studies with elective courses in philosophy, music, script writing, natural sciences and other fields. In addition, to prepare our students for an ever-more globalised world, language training (including French, Dutch and Mandarin Chinese) is part of the curriculum. At Vesalius, we pride ourselves in offering a liberal and global education that enables our students to think critically, creatively and broadly about core processes and major issues in an ever-changing global environment.