VeCo Professor Dr. Maria Martin de Almagro receives “Best PhD in Belgium” prize

Assistant Professor Dr. Maria Martin de Almagro has been awarded the Xavier Mabille Prize for the best PhD dissertation in Political Science defended in 2015-16 in Belgium. The dissertation, titled “(Un) Globalizing Civil Society: When the Boomerang Rebounds. Transnational Advocacy Networks and Women Groups in post-conflict Burundi and Liberia” was written under the direction of Dr. Jean Frédéric Morin (ULB) and Dr. Raffaele Marchetti (LUISS).

Through the case study of the campaign for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security, the dissertation contributes to the literature on global civil society and proposes a new, more dynamic account on the life-cycle of international norms.

In opposition to the idea of the boomerang effect (Keck and Sikkink 1998), the dissertation develops the concept of the rebound effect. This concept represents the point where the ideational boundaries between the thrower of the boomerang (issue entrepreneur) and the receiver (issue follower) are so impervious that the boomerang bounces back and never reaches its destination. Dr. Martin de Almagro’s findings have important implications for international relation theories of global governance and global activism since they provided a critique of the mainstream norm’s cascade model by introducing new temporalities and geographies in the analysis of the life-cycle of international norms.