Vesalius College is part of a broader university student community (of more than 10,000) consisting of 4 other universities and graduate schools concentrated into a single area that exemplifies the student lifestyle. Easily accessible by bus, tram or metro, the area where the College is located has everything to meet student needs including affordable housing, 2 on-campus cafeterias, live music, libraries, banks, shops, markets, restaurants and taverns, as well as athletic activities and facilities.

At Vesalius College, we offer a number of different housing options for new students:

Home Stay with a Host Family

Vesalius College works with a number of host families who, for years, have welcomed Vesalius College students into their homes. These families are committed to enriching the study abroad experience for these students while coming away with positive, fulfilling experiences of their own. Most of our host families are French-speaking, although some are Dutch-speaking. All have a good command of the English language and are able to communicate with students who have no knowledge of French or Dutch.

Home stay accommodation provides students with a unique experience that allows for insights into the everyday life of a Belgian family, Belgian culture and social norms. Students acquire this knowledge and other valuable elements by living the life of a ‘native’, sharing daily conversations at the dinner table and taking part in the daily life of their host families, without necessarily having to limit their individual freedom (as long as house rules are respected, of course).

If you opt for this type of housing, your stay with your host family will begin as soon as you arrive in Brussels.

Services included:

  • Bed and breakfast, 7 days a week (includes sheets and towels)
  • Dinner, 4 days a week (weekdays)
  • Use of bathroom/shower
  • Use of kitchen when no meals are provided
  • Internet access
  • Use of telephone in case of emergencies
  • Laundry once a week

Some families may include extra services that are not overseen by Vesalius College, such as laundry facilities, Internet access and outings. These may be included in the monthly fee or may be offered at an extra charge, depending on the individual host.


  • €155 per week (subject to cost-of-living increases).
  • One-time non-refundable placement fee of €100.
  • Refundable housing deposit of €750.
  • Full payment is expected at the time of application.  No placement will be initiated by the housing coordinator until full payment has been received (please see application form for full payment instructions)

Important information and deadlines:

  • The mandatory arrival date in the host family is the Sunday that precedes the first day of orientation (this is true for the fall, spring or summer terms.  Although students are welcome to arrive in Brussels before this day, they will need to find independent accommodations (youth hostel, hotel or other for the days that precede the Sunday move-in day).  Please see here for more information.
  • Students who opt for home stay accommodation will be expected to uphold certain codes of conduct and courtesies towards the host family and towards the university. Thus, students will be asked to review and sign the following Home Stay Regulations & Contract.  This contract will be distributed during the home stay talk, which will be given during orientation.

Home Stay Programme deadlines:

  • Application Deadlines:
    • For Fall Term:  15 May
    • For Spring Term:  31 October
    • For Summer Term:  25 April

Contact: Vesalius College’s Housing Coordinator, Yamina El Atlassi.

Independent Housing – Arranged by Student

If you opt for independent housing, please note that housing cannot be arranged before your arrival in Belgium. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive in Brussels at least one week before orientation; the earlier you arrive, the easier it will be to find accommodation.  It is recommended that you spend the first week or two in a youth hostel in order to have time to visit various housing options.

Cost: Prices for independent student accommodation can vary from €350 to €600 per month, depending on size and level of comfort. Charges, such as phone, utilities, Internet, etc. are not always fully included and may result in additional monthly fees.

a. Youth Hostel

Students can arrange for temporary housing in advance of arrival with the following hostels:

Auberge des 3 Fontaines
Chaussée de Wavre 2057 - B – 1160 Brussels
Phone: +32-2-672 22 60
Email: contact@auberge3fontaines.be

Hôtel de Jeunes (Sleep Well)
Rue du Damier 23 - B – 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32-2-218 50 50
Email: info@sleepwell.be

Auberge de Jeunesse (Jacques Brel)
Rue de la Sablonnière 30 - B – 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32-2-218 01 87
Email: brussels.brel@laj.be

Auberge de Jeunesse (Bruegel)
Rue du Saint-Esprit 2 - B – 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32-2-511 04 36
Email: brussel@vjh.be

More information about youth hostels in Brussels is available at:

Information on other temporary housing facilities is available at:

b. Apartment

When you arrive in Brussels, you may find off-campus housing by reading the VLAN (weekly newspaper) or on their website. You may also consult the expatriates’ website www.xpats.com, and other websites such as Immowebwww.brusselsdestination.bewww.appartager.be.

You may consult Vesalius College’s bulletin boards, which are located at Pleinlaan 5 in the classroom hallway.  You can also go on the Vesalius College Facebook page or on Vesalius Student Government Facebook page to see if any students are in need of a roommate or are looking to sublet their apartments.

You may also look out for ‘orange’ signs (kot, chambre, kamer TE HUUR/A LOUER) posted on buildings or houses.

Cost: Monthly rent is generally between €400 and €700 depending on location, number of roommates, and degree of luxury.

c. International Student House

You may also rent a room near campus at the ‘Van Orley International Student House’, located at Bischoffsheimlaan 38a, 1000 Brussels. Here, students can rent fully-equipped single and double rooms in downtown Brussels. Please refer to their website

Students wishing to reserve a room should contact the provider directly.

d. U-Residence (Limited Availability)

This is a brand new facility containing single and double rooms on the VUB campus, across the street from Vesalius:  www.u-residence.be.  This residence takes students on a first-come, first-served basis and also offers hotel rooms for very short visits.

Students wishing to reserve a room should contact the provider directly: info@u-residence.be; +32-487-366-244.

e. Jump Away

Fully-furnished and equipped shared international student flats located near campus:  http://www.jumpaway.eu/.

Students wishing to reserve a room should contact the provider directly. derek.ralet@jumpaway.eu

Personalized Assistance – Independent Housing Placement Service

The Vesalius College Housing Coordinator offers personalized assistance to students in locating and leasing a student flat or a room.

Placement services include:

1)     Providing students with a listing of available apartments and student rooms. All rooms in the listing will have been personally visited and evaluated by the Vesalius Housing Coordinator and the listing will be kept.

2)     Only recommended rooms that have been deemed suitable for Vesalius students based on location, facilities and  rental price.

3)     Provision and management of the rental agreements (in English) that will be signed by the landlord and the student. The Housing Coordinator will be responsible for these contracts and would ensure that terms are agreeable and fair to both landlord and student.

4)     Committing to assisting the student until a rental agreement has been signed.

Placement services do NOT include:

1)     Visiting rooms and apartments with the students as these will have already been visited and approved by the programme. Students will be responsible for visiting the rooms/apartments on their own.

2)     Participating in or being in any way implicated in the “état des lieux” (incoming/outgoing property inspection) for the room/apartment, either at move-in or at move-out  -  this would be the sole responsibility of the student.

Cost: The cost of this service is of €150 paid directly to Vesalius College.  Please note that the Housing Coordinator will not begin working on the student’s application until the College has received the payment in full.

Contact/Application:  Please fill out the Off-Campus Housing Full-Service Assistance Form electronically, print out, scan and return by email to Yamina El Atlassi at yamina.el.atlassi@vub.ac.be.

1.    If you do not return your signed contract by the above deadlines, we will assume that you have decided not to participate in the home stay program and you will not be given the opportunity for placement with another family.

2.    With respect to requests for alternate placement, the Housing Officer will only consider lack of host family compatibility due to substantial reasons (i.e. declared allergies, etc.) as justified cause for considering an alternate placement.  However, it should be noted that all restrictions of this nature are assumed to have been noted on the student’s original application form and will have been taken into consideration at the time of placement. Please note that distance of the host family from the College will NOT be considered just cause for request for alternate placement as the Host Family Programme only accepts quality families that are located within a reasonable distance (less than 45 min. via public transportation) from the College.

3.    Once you have confirmed your acceptance of the placement by returning the signed contract, you will be sent an invoice for the host family charges for the entire academic term (€160/week plus the one-time non-refundable placement fee of €100).  Payment is due prior to your arrival in Brussels.  Students who have not paid in full by the deadlines below will have their home stay placement automatically cancelled.
•    Spring: 3rd January 2014
•    Summer: 9th May 2014
•    Fall: 8th August 2014
4.     If you have accepted your placement but later decide to withdraw from the program, then the following penalties will apply:
•    For withdrawal up to two (2) weeks prior to arrival in Brussels: No penalty (except for the non-refundable €100 placement fee)
•    For withdrawal during the last 2 weeks prior to arrival in Brussels: Two (2) weeks penalty (2 x €150 plus €100 placement fee)
•    For no-show or withdrawal during orientation week or later: Four (4) weeks penalty (4 x €150 plus €100 placement fee) – see special conditions for withdrawal in the attached Home Stay Regulations and Contract.

 Transfer from Brussels Airport

The following three options exist for student transfer from the Brussels airport:

1.  Arrange for car service pick-up in advance by contacting Taxi Bien – Morvan, which is the provider Vesalius College has used for many years. Vesalius College will no longer arrange for airport pickup and this will be the responsibility of the student.  Credit card payments are accepted.  Cancellations and changes to arrival times will need to be communicated directly to Morvan if this option is chosen and financial consequences may intervene for failure to show up at the confirmed time. Students should contact Taxi Bien – Morvan at least 5 days prior to arrival at:

Taxi Bien – Dispatching De Morvan – Taxi Service
Phone: +32-476-43-20-74
Email: taxibien@gmail.com

2.  Take a Brussels Airport Taxi directly at the airport.  This service is very easy to use; the cab drivers can almost always communicate in English and it is possible to pay with credit card.  More information can be found here

3. Contact the host family to see if they would be willing to pick the student up from the airport.