Entry Requirements

Holistic Admissions Approach

Vesalius College seeks students who are able to meet the challenges of our academic programme and are willing to participate fully in the intellectual and social life of the College in a spirit of openness and tolerance. Admission to the College is selective and holistic. We accept only students whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve academic success in the degree programme of their choice. We will review not only the student’s  academic records and test results, but will also put a strong emphasis on the essay and extracurricular activities.

Diploma Requirements

Applicants for admission must have graduated from a secondary school prior to beginning their studies at Vesalius College. Admission decisions take into account the candidate’s secondary school performance, examination results and English language competence, as well as demonstrated personal qualities and character.

Please read the application instructions carefully before completing your application.

English Language Requirements

All our programmes are taught in English; hence, a good verbal and written command of the English language is essential. For more information on English proficiency, click here.

SAT or ACT Requirements

As a general rule, students who hold the IB diploma, the EB diploma or a European secondary school diploma that grants access to university, do not need to take the SAT or ACT.

Students who hold an American high school diploma (with or without Advanced Placement (AP) and/or IB certificates) will be required to take the SAT or ACT.

All other students should contact the Admissions Office to determine whether they must take of of these tests or not.

New Student Orientation

Vesalius College provides a detailed orientation for new students at the beginning of each term. For the fall and spring terms, orientation takes place over 4 days (Wednesday–Saturday) in the week preceding the first week of classes. During the summer term, orientation takes place in the first half of the first day of classes.

Attendance at all orientation activities is mandatory for new Study Abroad students.

In the fall and spring, students are given various sessions to allow them to familiarise themselves with all aspects of college life. Information is given on the structure and philosophy of the College, life in Belgium, registration procedures, campus services, academic expectations, housing, money management, health insurance, student activities, the Vesalius Internship Programme and much more. It is during orientation week that student computer accounts are established and activated, placement tests are given and internship interviews held. During this week, students are also given tours of the campus and of Brussels and are hosted by the Vesalius Student Government (VSG) at a welcome party.

The summer term orientation session is an abbreviated version of the one offered in the fall and spring and prepares Study Abroad students for their 7-week stay at Vesalius College.