Study Abroad at Non-Partner Institutions

If a student wishes to study abroad at a university with which Vesalius College has no exchange or study abroad agreement, he or she should apply directly to that institution, paying its tuition and other fees. During this semester abroad, the student will be considered as a temporary withdrawn student and has no financial obligation to Vesalius College, with the exception of the Courses Abroad administrative fee.

It is imperative that students consult with their academic adviser concerning their study plans. Student wishing to have credits transferred for taking courses elsewhere must obtain prior approval of the external courses from their academic adviser.  If the courses for which you need approval are not in the domain in which your adviser specialises, you may need to obtain approval from another faculty member with more knowledge of the field. Above all, they must secure prior approval of the host university from their academic adviser if they wish to receive transfer credit for the courses taken while abroad.

Students must fill out and have their academic adviser / course professor(s) and the Head of Academic Administration sign the External Course Approval Request Form form.

Upon return to the College, they will receive transfer credit for approved courses in which they earned a grade of C or above. However, the grades earned at non-partner institutions will not be transferred (and hence will not be included in a student’s cumulative GPA).