MA in Diplomacy and Global Governance


Vesalius College Brussels (the Liberal Arts College and Global Affairs School affiliated with the Free University of Brussels) is pleased to launch its Master Programme in Diplomacy and Global Governance in Fall 2017.

This unique one-year postgraduate Master programme is designed to provide students and professionals with comprehensive knowledge and policy-oriented skills at the intersection of diplomacy and global governance. Both diplomacy and global governance are important institutions of the international order; but they also institutions undergoing permanent processes of change in the modern and at times turbulent world.   No institution has undergone greater change in both our theoretical understanding of it and the nature of its day-to-day practice in the last several decades than diplomacy.  No process has become more important than our ability, or often lack of it, to engage on trans national policy making by international collective action problem solving while at the same time becoming so highly contested and politicized.   We face a permanent challenge to govern ourselves beyond the territory of the nation state.  Hence the importance of understanding the expectations and limits of global governance and diplomatic skills to deliver it.

The degree is designed and taught by a network of leading international academics from top universities and think tanks as well as senior policy-makers from international organisations. The degree will provide both theoretical foundations and practical skill-sets for students interested in international careers in diplomacy, government, international organizations, think tanks and NGOs.

With its strong links to the policy-making world and university/think tank partners in Brussels, wider Europe, US and Asia, the programme can offer students a truly global exchange between theory and practice. By deliberately bringing together key practitioners with scholars from these fields graduates of this programme will be equipped to extract insights, and advantages of the various perspectives and approaches at this turning point in the history of diplomacy and global governance.

Prestigious Internships

As part of your MA programme, you will be offered the opportunity to intern with one of our high-profile internship partners with tailor-made internships that involve you in the deep-end of our partners’ activities from day one. The programme has a wide range of agreements with international organizations for internships during the summer after the completion of your major course work, allowing you to focus full-time on your internship in addition to writing your thesis.

Dates for the Programme and Application  2017-2018

  • The programme begins on 21st August 2017 and ends on 30th July 2018.
  • Students can apply to the Master’s programme from 30th January, 2017.