European Business Communication (EBC)

PromoPics2013VECO©ChloeThome-13_2The European Business Communication (EBC) Programme is intended for non-degree seeking students to acquire fundamental communication skills such as academic writing, presentation and conversation skills. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a certificate in European Business Communication. This programme provides the best possible academic and practical preparation for a subsequent Master’s programme and a career in business.

It offers the unique opportunity to network and gain in-depth communication skills in the capital of Europe. As part of the programme, students will visit the European Institutions, multinational companies, think-tanks and non-governmental organisations to gain first-hand experience on how to communicate with managers and policy-makers.  The programme thus enables students to build expertise in the above-mentioned fields and also  to transfer their skills from their native language into English.

Furthermore, students become more familiarised with European culture which is a great asset to those who want to work in an international environment in the future. To ensure the best possible academic performance, students can rely on small classes, dedicated professors, career advice services and a personal academic advisor who closely monitors the learning process and provides support in academic as well as administrative matters.

Students follow a pre-selected well-balanced certificate programme to guarantee their learning success. Some of the courses, such as presentation skills and academic writing, are offered exclusively to the EBC students while students also have the opportunity to take courses together with the regular VeCo students.