Fall 2013 EPSS Guest Lecture Series

Below is the schedule for the Fall 2013 Guest Lecture Series. To view these and other events held by Vesalius College, click here.

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Thursday, 3rd October 2013, 6-8PM

“The Gulf Region and Global Affairs: Challenges, Changes and Opportunities”

Dr. Christian Koch (Director, Gulf Research Centre, Geneva)


Monday, 7 October (6PM – 8PM)

Distinguished European Peace & Security Studies Lecture 2013:

“The European Union Foreign Policy of my Dreams”

Professor Johan Galtung


Thursday, 17 October 6-8PM

“The European Union and a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East”

Ambassador Cosimo Risi (Italian Ambassador to the UN Disarmament Conference, Geneva)


“The European Union, Turkey and the Future of CSDP.”

Alfredo Rizzo


Wednesday, 13 November, 6-8PM

Armistice Day Reflections – “Being a Soldier: Personal Reflections of Three Young Ex-Soldiers”

VeCo Students Umit Seven, Cian Westmoreland, Sean Dunn


Monday, 18 November

“Reflections on the Military Aspects of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy”

Col Hans Ilis-Alm, European Union Military Staff.


Monday, 25 November

“The European Union and the Syria Crisis”

Maciej Golubiewski , Desk Officer Syria, European Union External Action Service


Monday, 2 December

“Political Corruption and The Dangers of the Global Arms Trade”

Andrew Feinstein, Director Corruption Watch, UK and Author of “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade”