BA Business Studies

BusinessThe Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies programme at Vesalius College gives students the skills and foundation necessary to become successful business managers able to face the challenges of an ever-changing international business environment. Business students bring a wealth of international perspectives to the study programme and gain valuable insight into the world of international business, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

The curriculum gives students a combination of theoretical and practical skills, including an understanding of business and specific fields of business including management and organisation, entrepreneurship and innovation, human resources, accounting, finance, operations and marketing. They will comprehend how organisations are structured and managed, as well as how they function within the larger economic, social, legal and political context. In their last semester, students bring together what they have learnt, either in the analysis of case studies of business behaviour or in the development of a business plan for a small enterprise.

Career perspectives

Students graduating from our Business Studies programme possess a solid foundation in the functional areas of globally operating companies. The programme prepares students not only for prestigious management positions, but also for leadership responsibilities. Careers of our recent graduates include: investment banking, sales, trade, business development, online marketing and consulting.

Many of our students have used Vesalius College’s extensive academic network in Brussels and abroad to pursue a master’s degree in a wide range of fields, including management, business, banking & finance, economics, trade and more. Our Business graduates have successfully completed postgraduate studies in a number of prestigious universities, including Solvay Business School, the University of Saint Andrews, London School of Economics, IE Business School, Bocconi University, Boston University and many others.